NEW: Piano Score Notation

tonica Web App now uses the new piano score notation of tonica 16 for Rock styles, converting the composition result into a chord representation that can be played well on keyboard instruments.

 tonica Web App

Welcome to the tonica world! This app creates four-part compositions in a selected musical style for a melody.

tonica app composition

 "Melody" tab

Enter your melody here using the toolbar, a computer keyboard, or the music keyboard. The melody can be up to 16 measures long (in a 4/4 beat). Add fermatas to mark important sections of the melody (phrases). You will generally get better results when fermatas are set in a meaningful way.

If you have the music notation software capella installed on your computer, you can also upload a melody from a capx file.

 "Compose" tab

Choose the desired harmonization style and click the "Compose" button to run the composition process. Listen and view the resulting four-part composition.

 "Export" tab

Download the mp3 or image file here. If you have capella installed on your computer, you can further edit the result.

About tonica

The software tonica has the unique ability to compose and analyze music pieces. This ability was learned by tonica from music examples (e. g. chorales composed by Johann Sebastian Bach) using Artificial Intelligence (neural networks and symbolic algorithms). You can use this feature to playfully learn the basics of composition and music analysis and use tonica as a tool to create your own compositions.

The software tonica start (start version of tonica) offers various instrumentations and formatting options for the music piece to be composed.

tonica fugata composition

The software tonica fugata (professional version of tonica) offers many additional composition and analysis functions: